Magic of Bessarabian Sarma


At Kinza Gastrohouse, we take immense pride in presenting to you the authentic flavors of Regional Ukrainian cuisines. One of our standout dishes is “Sarma” or often-called “Sarmi”.

History of the Dish:

“Bessarabian Sarma” or “Sarmi” is a dish with deep roots in the cultural traditions of Bessarabia. Influences from Turkish, Moldovan, Romanian, and Bulgarian cuisines can be traced in its history. Sarma, or grape leaves rolls, filled with fragrant rice, vegetables, herbs, and spices, play an important role in the cuisine of this region. This dish has been prepared with love and care for many generations, passing down family and community traditions and flavors. It has become an indispensable part of festive tables and family dinners.


Ingredients and Preparation:

The main ingredients of Bessarabian Sarma include grape leaves, vegetables, rice, aromatic herbs, various spices, and fresh mint. This unique combination creates a harmony of flavors and aromas that makes the dish stand out. Bessarabian Sarma is served with a delicate yogurt sauce, which adds extra freshness and richness to it.

Taste and Aroma:

Bessarabian Sarma surprises with its rich taste and variety of textures. Tender grape leaves envelop fragrant rice with herbs and spices, creating an explosion of flavor on your palate. The yogurt sauce adds freshness and lightness to each bite, making this dish an unparalleled choice for culinary connoisseurs.

Sarma at Kinza Gastrohouse:

At Kinza Gastrohouse in Bad Reichenhall, we prepare “Bessarabian Sarma” with special attention to the quality of ingredients and authentic taste. Our chef creates this dish with love and passion so that every guest can immerse themselves in the world of Bessarabian taste and traditions. We invite you to enjoy this exquisite dish in the cozy atmosphere of our restaurant and indulge in an amazing culinary experience!

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