Pkhali with Spinach, Beetroot, and Broccoli: A Fusion of Greens


Embark on a culinary journey at our restaurant Kinza Gastrohouse and discover the delectable dish of Pkhali made from spinach, beetroot, and broccoli. Pkhali, a traditional Georgian dish, is a testament to the diverse flavors and rich heritage of Georgian cuisine. The melding of carefully selected vegetables and spices makes this dish a delight for connoisseurs.

Historical backgroung:

Pkhali boasts a rich cultural heritage dating back to ancient times in Georgia. Originally conceived as a vegetarian dish, it swiftly won the hearts of not only vegetarians but all appreciators of delicious and healthy food. With time, the Pkhali recipe became a national treasure, passed down through generations.


Our rendition of Pkhali features three primary ingredients: spinach, beetroot, and broccoli. These vegetables enrich the dish with their distinct flavors and beneficial properties. Additionally, an array of spices and oils are used to impart a refined taste to the Pkhali.


Preparing Pkhali is a meticulous process, demanding skill and patience. The vegetables are cooked separately, finely chopped, and thoroughly mixed. Each ingredient contributes a unique taste to this culinary symphony. The finished dish is artfully presented, showcasing vibrant culinary compositions that please not only the taste buds but also the eyes.

Taste and Texture:

Pkhali with spinach, beetroot, and broccoli combines the velvety texture of spinach, the tenderness of broccoli, and the sweetness of beetroot. Fragrant spices add a hint of spice and an exquisite aroma to the dish. With each bite, you experience a harmonious blend of flavors, making Pkhali a true delight for your taste buds.

Pkhali in Kinza Gastrohouse:

In our restaurant, we prepare Pkhali with spinach, beetroot, and broccoli with special attention to detail. Our chefs carefully select fresh and ripe vegetables, baking them to perfection. The addition of aromatic spices gives the dish a spicy flavor and a unique character.

Pkhali with spinach, beetroot, and broccoli is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the fusion of fresh vegetables and the aroma of aromatic spices. We invite you to savor this delightful dish at our restaurant and experience the unique flavors of Georgian cuisine. A culinary celebration awaits you!

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